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Actively Involved

The Partnership hosted the inaugural HoustonNEXT: An ERG Summit in the fall of 2018, gathering hundreds of HR professionals and ERG leaders to discuss issues in talent attraction and diversity in the workplace. Out of that event, the Partnership launched the Talent Resources Group in 2019 to help connect HR and talent professionals in the region.

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Collaboration Key to Preparing Energy Transition Workforce, Experts Say

As energy companies and the Houston region look to prepare and develop the workforce necessary to support the energy transition, experts say collaboration among companies, educational institutions, the federal government and other organizations is fundamental. Experts from across the Houston region discussed how organizations and companies are preparing the workforce of the future during a panel discussion at the Greater Houston Partnership’s UpSkill Works Forum on Aug. 3.  According to a BCG analysis, most Houston-based oil and gas workers will rely on just nine capability sets by 2050. “To ensure they have the right mix of competencies for the future, oil and gas companies will need to carry out a skills-based mapping exercise, starting with defining the expertise and capabilities needed to succeed in their chosen business areas, markets, and geographies,” a BCG publication on the energy transition states. Maria Suarez-Simmons, senior director of energy policy for Energy Workforce & Technology Council, encourages companies to take a “holistic view” of the occupations they offer and adjust them to the needs of the future of energy. Saurez-Simmons added that energy companies should create messaging that communicates there are opportunities for all, not solely engineers. Scott Marshall, senior group director for the people team in the Americas at Worley, said “We are in the transition today”, adding that companies should start reaching out to students at a much younger age to showcase available career paths if they are going to meet the demand.  Worley offers several early career programs, including a global graduate development programs and STEM workshops for children.  Stacy Putman, manager of advocacy, leadership, workforce development and strategic projects at INEOS, shared how INEOS collaborates with schools, working with K – 12th-grade teachers to educate them on opportunities in sustainability, energy transition and manufacturing. Putnam also stressed the importance of being involved in an employee’s career journey. In alignment with this strategic evolution, a growing number of companies are adopting skills-based hiring as a means to diversify their talent pool. This shift from the traditional reliance on four-year college degrees highlights the need for specialized skills aligned with the demands of the energy transition. Raul Camba, managing director and Latin America lead at Accenture, helps energy companies navigate the energy transition but also focuses on the industry's adaptability within its operations, strategies and workforce. Camba said another tool to close the skills gap is to identify adjacent skills or related and transferable skills a worker already has and build upon them. Camba said forums like this one where employers can openly share the tools and resources they're utilizing will help companies find innovative solutions and colleges and universities design programs based on the region's needs. Experts say the strategic alliance among industry, education and government serves as the cornerstone for building a skilled, resilient and future-ready energy workforce in Houston. Join the Partnership for a conversation on September 14 on how companies can develop partnerships with educational institutions. Learn about the Partnership's Houston Energy Transition Initiative and UpSkill Houston.
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Racial Equity

One Houston Together: Bridging the Gap Between Talent and Opportunity

As companies look to diversify their talent pipeline and create mobility, many are utilizing apprenticeship programs and skills-based hiring as tools to create diverse teams and foster inclusive environments.  On June 21, the Partnership’s One Houston Together Talent Roundtable convened Partnership members Accenture and Aon and workforce leader Opportunity@Work to highlight successful tools they are using to advance talent diversity in deliberate and measurable ways.   Sarah Hilchie, Management Consulting Principal of Leadership and Culture at Accenture, discussed the importance of building an inclusive culture within a company. Hilchie said building culture often becomes a low priority because a company may find it challenging to quantify the impact of culture, and a perception gap often exists between C-suite leaders and employees.    “True leaders, bold leaders understand that it is not only their responsibility but that they have the power to change the climate in their organization every day by what they say, what they do, and how they reward behavior,” she said. Hilchie added companies should assess who their leaders are by asking the following questions:  Are leaders taking action to create greater equity?  Do their words mirror their actions?  What kinds of things are they saying about the organization outside of the office whether that be social media, press, or word of mouth?  Accenture research shows “when there is an inclusive culture and a high rate of trust, there is a 27% reduction in attrition, 50% higher productivity and 40% less burnout,” Hilchie said. Hilchie went on to share that "accountability and metrics such as talent equity or culture assessments that leverage company's employee feedback and data, are critical to building an inclusive culture and ensuring that culture remains a priority for leadership and employees. Leaders will continue to replicate the past if they aren't committed to rebuilding an equitable workplace and that begins with taking action from a place of understanding." Opportunity@Work, a nonprofit organization that aims to rewire the labor market by helping companies see the benefits of skills-based hiring instead of solely focusing on four-year college degrees, has seen great success with its Skilled Through Alternative Routes or STARs model. Bridgette Gray, the nonprofit organization’s Chief Customer Officer, spoke about the need for employers to diversify talent acquisition by identifying the actual skills people need for roles.  "There is no lack of talent, employers just need to change the sourcing of their talent,” Gray said. According to Opportunity@Work, workers Skilled Through Alternative Routes have been displaced from 7.4 million jobs as employers have shifted to relying on degrees over skills, creating an opportunity gap. Meghan Parrilla, Vice President of Global Early Careers Apprenticeships at Aon, discussed the company’s two-year, full-time apprenticeship program. Through the program, which welcomes about 100 apprentices each year, the participants pursue an associate degree.  Aon’s program is a national model and is unique due to its partnerships with local community colleges, local nonprofit organizations that provide wraparound services or serve as career navigators for participants, and the support and time commitment Aon’s staff in leadership or management roles provides participants.  Parrilla hopes more companies will see the benefits of apprenticeships and consider people who have participated in similar programs as “equal to those who have completed a four-year college degree.” In 2021, Accenture and Aon, with support from the Greater Houston Partnership, launched the Greater Houston Apprenticeship Network to promote and support apprentice programs across companies in Houston. Get connected and learn about opportunities by visiting this page. To learn more about skills-based hiring and other member best practices to accelerate your company’s talent strategy and diversity your pipeline, join the Partnership's Talent Roundtable.
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“We all go to lots of meetings where we talk about what needs to be fixed but rarely do individuals own the work to make something happen. It’s very impressive how UpSkill Houston has been able to bring everyone together to accomplish common goals.”

Linda Aldred
Texas Children’s Hospital

“The minute I heard there was an opportunity to leverage what the Greater Houston Partnership was doing to make our industry better and our company better, joining UpSkill Houston was a no-brainer.”

Daniel M. Gilbane
Gilbane Building Co.

“I am sitting in Alief Independent School District watching my students' lives change because of efforts like this.”

HD Chambers
Alief Independent School District

"Businesses who want to get their name out and sales professionals who want to increase their sphere of influence won't find a better organization to connect than GHP."

Lisa Bogany
Workforce Solutions

“UpSkill Houston helped us build relationships across sectors and made sure we were all talking about the same issues.”

Brenda Hellyer
San Jacinto Community College

"Houston has a huge amount of raw ingredients needed to launch a startup -- top tier universities, affordable cost of living, tremendous wealth, large corporations -- so the creation of a startup hub in Houston has just been about aligning all these elements under one roof that provides entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed."

Lawson Gow
Founder & CEO, The Cannon
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